Why Should We Depend on Renewable Energy

Why Should We Depend on Renewable Energy


Energy is an essential part of our everyday active life. A good energy source should be cheap, should provide enough amount of energy and should be convenient to use. Now, stress is being laid on environment friendly energy resources.

Sources of energy which produce energy continuously in nature and which are inexhaustible are called renewable energy resources. These are also called as non-conventional sources of energy. They can be used again and again. Solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, geothermal, wood, biogas and hydrogen are the examples of renewable   renewable energy sources     power sources. Nuclear fusion is also a renewable energy as the fuel used is hydrogen and it is available for plenty in the atmosphere.

Fossil fuels are non-renewable energy sources. Non-renewable energy sources are likely to get exhausted in near future. These energy sources, once consumed, cannot be regained. The fuels which we consume today, like coal, natural gas, petroleum, the fuel used in nuclear fission, etc. are all non-renewable sources of energy.

People have become more environments cautious nowadays. They have begun to think why we should depend on renewable energy sources. The fuels which we use are causing considerable damage to the environment. Global warming is one of the major concerns. Burning fossil fuels release carbon dioxide. The excessive release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere leads to increased trapping of sun’s heat. Thus this has led to increased atmospheric temperature. This leads to global warming. Burning of fossil fuels also release other toxic gases like carbon monoxide, methane, nitrous oxide etc. which lead to air pollution.


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