Buying Your Reusable Nappies – 3 Budget Tips to Build Your Nappy Stash for Less   

Buying Your Reusable Nappies – 3 Budget Tips to Build Your Nappy Stash for Less



Buying your first set of reusable nappies? These 3 budget tips will help you to build your nappy stash for less!

At first glance, buying reusable nappies seems to be a commitment, costing Reusable Nappies $20-$50 each. But, over time, you will save big time. Rather than $20 a week for a single use disposable thrown in the bin, a reusable nappy is just that – washed, used again, over and over and over. Each time it effectively saves t he cost of a disposable as it spreads out the initial investment, making that one reusable nappy worth pennies!

Let’s look at three ways you can spend even less when first buying your reusable nappies:

  1. Reusable Nappies: Buy in bulk to save

as you know, bib is almost always a great tip for saving on your budget. Same applies here – bulk packs, value packs, often attract a discount or help you save on postage – find out how many nappies will fit in with the minimum postage price to save that way too. Bulk orders make it easier on retailers, passing savings on to you.

  1. Reusable Nappies: Buy from trading sites to save

Trading sites offer new and used nappies. Did you know that sellers can often set up their own shop within the site? This is a great way for a retailer to get started, and for you to grab a bargain on a new nappy!

  1. Reusable Nappies: Buy secondhand to save

As modern cloth nappies are durable – more so than a size 000 one pieces suit – you can re-sell them when you are done. The price will recoup a little of your investment, but the goal should be to help out the next mum. After all, it will be a used nappy. If you know it is quite well used, you can simply give it away, or put it in as a bonus nappy to a better one you are selling, to be a ‘stash filler’. I got a nappy this way -with a night nappy i got a bonus nappy arrive in the post with it. Not the most absorbent, it was just one to chuck on at home only.

Investing in your baby’s bottom seems an odd way to save money, but there is potential to save hundreds of dollars right there! There is also a thriving community of reusable nappy fans to learn everything you need to know to become an enthusiast and then expert in cloth nappies yourself. Shopping for – beautiful, soft, budget-saving bum clothing is also fun – there is always new prints, styles, fabric trends and accessories to explore.

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