How to Improve Your Concentration

I love American football and I recently caught a game of my
favorite team, the Chicago Bears. I
love sports because it’s easy to look for and find metaphors
between sports, life and business.

The Chicago Bears defense is one of the top rated lineups in the
NFL. They are intimidating, intense and dominating.

There was one play in particular that I witnessed Sunday and
have seen over and over in football and I see it in life as

A wide receiver on the opposing team was wide open and about to
catch a pass for an easy first down. He had the ball in his
hands… however… he dropped the ball because he was more
focused on the impending hit he would receive from the defense
after he caught the ball.

He would have easily caught the ball, but there would be a price
to be paid afterwards. He knew a hit was coming and he allowed it
to distract him from concentrating on the next step. He was
looking too far ahead and it prevented him from catching an easy

It is important to know what your next step is at all times.

That wide receiver’s job is ultimately to catch the football
when it is thrown to him. What he does after he catches the
football is important, but he must catch the football first in
order to gain any yards or progress afterwards. The job of the
offense is to gain yards and score points.

People come to me all the time when they have struggles with
focus and concentration. I hear it every single day, “I can’t

The solution is simple, คาสิโนออนไลน์ and like any other muscle, you can train
your concentration muscles and improve your abilities.

How many times in life do you drop the ball and miss an
opportunity to progress because you were thinking about or
worrying about something that might (or might not) happen later? You were so
busy looking ahead that you missed something amazing that was
right in front of you. Perhaps you think about work when you
are with your children or partner. Perhaps you obsess about
your relationship when you should be focused on your work. How
often are you truly in the present?

Visualizing plants the seeds of greatness into your
subconscious. Visualizing your goals and the big picture of it
all is something you can do whenever you want. Yet there is a
delicate balance between visualizing your future and doing the
actions today, in the present, right here and now that will lead you
progressively to your destiny. There is a healthy balance that
must be achieved between these two powers.

What I would like for you to do all day today is ask yourself
the question, what is my next step?

What is the next step?

And then I want you to simply focus on it.

Concentrate fully on that one step and completing it. Turn off
all background noise, eliminate all distractions and put your
blinders on to that one thing you are going to be doing and then
do it to completion. If possible, turn off the phone, put a do
not disturb sign on your door or cubicle and don’t do anything
other than what your next step is. Don’t check your email, don’t
turn music on, don’t allow yourself to do anything else. Focus
100% on that next step.

The more you practice this, the more efficient you will become,
and you will achieve your goals in record time.

This principle is illustrated in detail in the audio program,
TheTimeCommandments! I encourage you to study it and master
it. I have broken down thousands of historic universal success
principles into Ten Simple Strategies that I apply to my own
life and my own business with amazing results. You can go faster
than you think you can. And it’s easier than you think it is.

When it comes to your day, your work, your family or your
business, define what the next step is that you must focus on
and then do it fully and invest all of your attention into it.

The results will amaze you!…