Betting on Scottish Football

Many people are under the illusion that there are only two football teams worth any salt in Scotland. These of course are Rangers and Celtic. Whilst it is true that they have dominated the Premiership in Scotland, and the two cups for most of the last century, from a gambling or betting point of view there are 40 other clubs to consider.

The Old Firm, of Rangers and Celtic, do attract most of the money and provide the majority of the live television action, but backing them on a regular basis is not an easy road to making a fortune, which may surprise a few people. You may make a small profit supporting them religiously but it is a high-risk strategy for very little reward.

The best way to bet on a game involving the two Glasgow giants is to look for a correct-score bet. Sometimes a trend is set by football teams, whereby they seem to win with a certain goal score for a number of matches. If you spot this trend you can make a profit, but be careful as these are very hard to spot and don’t last for ever. เว็บแทงบอลUFABET

In general, punters tend to lose less money backing away sides than home sides. This may be down to the fact that in the Scottish League the home advantage is worth less than in the English league or for that matter in other European leagues, and this decreases as you go down the tables.

It often seems the only way to make any money by betting on the Scottish premiership is to back a team to win the league without the Old Firm. An idea would be to look at a team which finished in the top six or seven in the previous season and has kept most of its players during the non-playing months.